3 Day International conference on Pakistan’s national power


There s going to be a 2/3 days international conference to be held at Convention Centre Islamabad on 19-21 Sep 2016, to explore, identify and integrate the critical elements of Pakistan’s national power..

The objective is to prepare a document which should be able to guide federal, provincial ministries, depts/ Org and other institutions to work in cohesion to make Pakistan a real strong nation state among the community of nations.

A concept paper on the subject is available on www.pc.gov.pk

All universities think tanks academia and other institutions have been requested to write papers on streams (subjects) given in the concept paper through a letter from planning commission. A good number of papers have been received so far.

Please download the concept paper from planning commission website opening page and write how and through what means we can make Pakistan a better place !

I can assure you being a focus group member of the conference that your ideas will become part of our future national narrative which will b developed from the outcome (integration of recommendations) of this conference !!

Mr. Ishaq Taihan
Planning Commision of Pakistan.