Three Military Threats faced by Pakistan


Three Military Threats faced by Pakistan-Before & After Arrival of Raheel Sharif as COAS

1.Cold Start by India.

2.American Afpak by USA,India,Afghanistan.

3.Fourth Generation War by US, India & Israel.

These were three threats faced by Pakistan before 2014. Let’s see what happened to these three threats after Raheel Sharif becoming COAS.

Cold Start:  Tactical Nuclear weapon is the response to Indian Cold Start. India will now never dare to execute Cold Start, this doctrine has now gone obsolete. Remember Raheel Sharif words at 14 Aug 2015 speech ” Cold Start or Hot Start, we are ready”.

American Afpak Doctorine: Zarb Azab has already destroyed the power of this doctrine.This doctrine is taking last breaths. Frustrated & defeated authors of this doctrine resorted to attacks on Schools & Universities.

3. Fourth Generation War:

ISPR using Social Media & popularity graph of Raheel Sharif brought Army to the highest level of popularity in the entire history of Pakistan. Thanks to Social Media which made traditional media meaningless and obsolete.

This is one of the greatest achievement for Pakistan. Long live Pakistan, Long Live Raheel Sharif.