A man from next door -Out of Box.


By Ahmad Jawad

Please take a few minutes & must watch below video till end.

I might appear judgmental at times but judging between good & bad situation or judging between good & bad person will happen quite frequently with a judgmental person.

Have we ever seen such a person (In video) among our ministers, public sector heads, political leaders and bureaucrats? He speaks same language, wears same clothes, looks like us; only difference is that, he is from India.

It’s not that we don’t have such talent, It’s because our political system, our civil services and our bureaucratic system do not allow competent, innovative & professional people to enter & rise in our system.

Imran Khan is a vision of change. Luckily we have a leader of change but leader needs managers to make the change happen.

I can give one example in 10 months of PTI government where leadership of Imran Khan came out best, it was a limited war between India & Pakistan. Of all the wars we have fought against India from 48, 65, 71, Siachen & Kargil, it was most convincing victory, yet it prevented a full scale war & even prevented a nuclear war.

How this happened? If It was great leadership & Statesmanship by Imran Khan, it was three outstanding managers of Army, Navy & AirForce who executed the plan perfectly. An outstanding example of great leadership & good managers.

This brings us to the conclusion that leadership succeeds if there are good managers to follow. It also reflects that only institutional strength of an organisation can bring good managers. Army, Navy & AirForce have that institutional strength that they can bring great managers at the top. Even if a wrong manager sneak to reach top position, Institutional strength carries out internal rectification to neutralise the threat. If General Musharraf or Gen Kayani went wrong, Gen Raheel & Gen Qamar Bajwa were able to rectify the damages.

On the other hand, we don’t have good managers in civilian government to achieve similar results, even if we have good leadership like Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is the leadership, our country needs and he will have to reach out for good managers, else wrong managers will fail the leader.

Retired & obsolete bureaucrats or three times sacked MD PTV sitting at PM Secretariat can neither prove good managers nor they can allow entry of good managers.

A good managers will show good signs of his competence & innovation even in first 24 hours of his assignment. Ten months is a pretty good time to distinguish between a good manager & bad manager. Even a common man on road will tell who is a good Minister or bad Minister. A peon will tell you who is a good manager or bad manager in an organisation.

Doing similar things for different results is madness, doing different things for similar result is the key. Edison proved this theory long ago.

Imran Khan must change all those managers who could not make a difference in last 10 months or even in last few months. It must be ruthless firing of managers after Budget. This is only way we can see the good combination of leadership & managers. Else managers will fail the leadership.

Every patriotic Pakistani is now crying out to change the managers. It may be the last cry to save our country.