A” will select “B” AND “B” will select “C”& So on.


A” will select “B”


“B” will select “C”& So on.

By Ahmad Jawad

If in an organisation, we select “D”on the top, subsequently he obviously will select “E”in his team & so on. That is why, it is very important to select “A”for top position of an organisation to set highest standards at the top. This is how subsequent good standards will roll out after having “A”on top.

In Pakistan, it is easy to impress upon with a foreign degree or a degree from famous elite institution or a short course from Harvard. In contrast, it is highly difficult to impress upon on skills, capacity & ability. This creates ease of selection for elites & impossible for a talent to lead a public sector organisation.

In last 48 years, each of the 400 public sector institutions are infested with a cartel to run the institution directly or indirectly. It hardly matters who runs the government, whether military regime, PMLN, PML Q, PPP or PTI, same cartel prevails successfully. Evidence of such claim can be asserted from the analysis of management choices, their performance & their results in last 50 years.

Problems can never be solved by the environment which has created the problem. Problem can be solved by removing the previous environment & bringing in a new environment. It’s called “ Out of Box” thinking.

Edison did 10,000 experiments to invent a “Bulb”. When asked if it is not madness to carry out 10,000 experiments to achieve a single goal. This is how he responded:

“Doing different things 10,000 times to expect the same result is not madness. Doing same things 10000 times & expecting different results is madness”.

In case of Edison, once he lit up the bulb, everybody followed his technique & method. In Pakistan, situation is even worse, even if we lit up a bulb, our status quo will not allow to adopt the successful technique

In Pakistan, we are doing same things since last 50 years, and expecting different result. This is madness. PTI has to do different if they want a change. Using same people, using same retired bureaucracy, using same experts, using same wheelers/dealers & using same methods will not bring a different result. This is law of universe. Even Imran Khan, Erdogan & Mahathir can’t change this law of Universe, if they ever do, they will fail.

Asif Sharif in Agriculture is like Edison who has learnt by doing different things & finally learnt the right method in Agriculture. He has demonstrated the results but he will not be accepted as Edison, instead same old experts & methods will prevail. Agriculture is the only sector which can give results within 6 months compared to any other industry. PTI government has already completed 10 months.

PTV for last 22 years have been run by one man “Y-M” directly or indirectly, he became billionaire & PTV became bankrupt but even today, same person runs the show. He has been sacked three times, and every time with most controversial manner. He has been sacked by Supreme Court & Islamabad High Court with clear verdict on his questionable integrity & competence. He had been running campaign against Pak Army in post Kargil scenario in England in collaboration with Indian . He has most scandalous way of doing things & proving “ My Way or the Highway” repeatedly. For 22 years, we are doing the same thing, expecting different results at PTV, we can do it for next 22 years, nothing will change. This is madness, Edison mentioned about. But “Y-M” still rules because he is our choice of Edison.

In energy sector, we are the most unique country in the world who had been producing energy with most expensive method “Oil based Thermal energy” for last 25 years. consequently, country pays through its nose the infamous “Circular Debt” to benefit the same cartel of IPPs. Today, same cartel runs the energy affairs. Will this cartel ever shift reliance on alternate energy of solar & wind? Next door India, which has similar Sun & Similar wind like in Pakistan, is producing 50,000 MW energy just from Solar & Wind. A target which has been achieved just in last 12 years by India. Tariff of solar & wind energy has gone cheaper than coal energy in India. But our choice of Edison in energy sector is same IPPs cartel.

We are trying same things in FBR & expecting different results. Introducing Amnesty scheme & moving in circles like we have been trying since 50 years, won’t yield results simply because “Problem can not be solved by the environment which has created the problem”.

We must get rid of umpteenth times tried & tested faces like Dr Ishrat Hussain to bring any change in the system. They have been part of problem, how can they ever become part of solution. We need to replace obsolete faces with fresh & younger faces.

Just go through the list of BoDs of Public sector institutions, most useless & most repeated faces will be found. They are part of problem, as long as they stay, there won’t be any solution.

Recently, One Federal Secretary was asked: How did you choose Mr ABC as member BoD of an important public sector institution?

Federal Secretary responded: I met Mr ABC in a party thrown by an elite businessman & on his recommendation, I brought him in the BoD.

We might as well teach our aspiring young generation “How to be part of parties, where they can be recommended as member BoD of prestigious public sector institutions.

In the name of merit & with good intention, PTI shifted the decisions of selection to BoDs of public sector but without realising, BoDs are cartels & they will play havoc with this authority.

We cannot open the flood gates of a dam without making canals, the water will destroy everything.

We cannot hand over authority without positioning those who knows how to use authority fairly & squarely.

One of the curse of our destruction is use of “Do Number Women” in our power corridors. Musharraf was most instrumental in introducing such culture & it is now deeply & well cultivated in our power corridors.

Pakistan must get rid of “DUS Numbri Men” and “Do Number Women”, ruining our public sector. We might match the figure of 10,000 experiments by Edison but we will never be able to lit up the bulb, unless we change the method & faces.