Abuse of overhead bridges on Islamabad Highway by residents of adjacent areas


Abuse of overhead bridges on Islamabad Highway by residents of adjacent areas The citizens of the country are especially proud of their serene capital, and without a doubt it has no equivalent. Islamabad is blessed with parallel and intersecting highways. It’s a perfect models for other cities of the nation, and has been praised on many an occasion. Every day, residents from Rawat, Gujjar Khan, Wah Cantt, and Taxilla travel to their workplaces using these highways. For the safety of the citizens living around the highways, service roads have been made and overhead bridges were erected to ease their commutes across them. Islamabad highway links the Capital with the historic Grand Trunk Road. In between there are plethora of townships on either side of the road. Coming out of the Capital, we have as many as four overhead bridges linking the established communities across the highways. However, the residents are blind to these amnesties provided them. More people prefer to put their lives at risk and cross the highways, than to use the facilities provided to them. Adding insult to injury are the people, who would run across the highway while just beneath the overhead bridge. Fatal accidents are a commonality on the express route. Irony of the matter is that these take place with a speed limit of 70 km/hr, and there is no respect among the pedestrians for their lives. In a country where we are constantly fretting about the Governments inactive role to safeguard the citizens, these bridges are a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, everyone chooses to ignore what is demanded by common logic, and takes the easier and shorter route to hell. The working culture of the nation has to be held responsible for this, but this is not the only reason for the irresponsible attitude. This indeed is a Pandora’s Box and opening it is an exhausting trip not worth the effort. Islamabad authorities have done a commendable job is having these bridges in place, but there job is not complete. They should educate the residents of adjacent areas on using them; otherwise the whole activity would be fruitless. The biggest problem is that we do not understand that life is a gift from God and it should not be wasted with recklessness. However, such cries usually fall on deaf ears.