How an Agenda is developed & launched through Print & Electronic media – A sample.


By Ahmad Jawad

Writer is Chief Visionary Officer of World’s First Smart Thinking Tank ” Beyond The Horizon” and most diverse professional of Pakistan. See writer’s profile at

It was almost one week ago that Mulana Tahir Ul Qadri identified suspicious presence of Indians at Sugar Mills of Ruling elites. It was a big challenge & serious allegation on rulers

First reaction was silence. Nobody from ruling elite addressed the subject specifically to counter allegations. Pro Govt media also avoided to counter the allegation.

This is the time when Govt media cell & advisers deliberate how to counter the allegation. At this stage, an adviser comes up with idea of explaining business norms & standards with regard to India & explain that how India is just another country for business, trade & technology in terms of cheap price, availability & business profitability. The document is finalised by media cell & roll out of such campaign strategy is made through selected ( hired or paid) media.

This includes analyst, columnist & anchors. The entire counter campaign is launched systematically soon after one week using print & electronic media. You can see the agenda in selected Newspapers n TV channels by selected messengers.

Counter Campaign has composed in following design:

Pakistan has annual documented trade of 400 BN $ with India. There is no ban on trade n business with India. Turbines used in Sugar Mills are cheapest in India so it is right of businessman to buy cheapest machinery to be profitable. Rulers Sugar Mills just followed the same business code. Engineers & technicians are a obviously required along with machinery to install, run, maintain & train from the same source. So this explains why there are Indian Engineers n Technicians at rulers Sugar Mills within regulations & Law of land.

Story so far is acceptable & logical but from here I have few observations & few questions:

1. As a head of a German Multi national company,which had employees from many countries including India working at Germany &  Singapore, I was well aware of sensitivity of Indian factor. I made sure during my tenure that no Indian should be assigned on projects related to Pakistan whether in Germany or Singapore. I even assured that even German engineers,working in India, should not be assigned for pakistani projects.

In another professional experience in a different field, I was invited by my European company to attend a training seminar of Solar Energy in India. I prepared a folder of my details of travel to India including Seminar agenda, hotel stay, Host name, duration & all relevant information and sent the folder to relevant Intelligence agencies as a precaution.

My question is that if an ordinary citizen has the understanding of Indian factor, our ruling businessmen are in Govt from the positions of CM to PM for many years, why don’t they have better understanding of Indian factor. Are they not aware that spies & agents are not sent to hostile countries with a name tag of Spy or Agent, they enter hostile country under cover of engineer, technician, journalist, NGO, tourist & actor. So when you install Indian machinery , are you not aware, it will require 300 engineers n technicians to stay in these factories day n night? Are you not aware about the role of RAW in East Pakistan episode or present days Baluchistan, Karachi or MQM? are you not aware as a ruler you have more responsibility than a businessman? Are you not aware that strong business ties with India involving Millions or billions might blur your vision while taking tough stance against India  making your investment risky & tempting as a PM or CM or Foreign Minister?

I challenge that no media with Govt influence will ever bring above angle on this subject, Since the angle is not product of any media cell.

Message from Elite Pakistan: Jagday Rehna…. Saday Tay Na Rehna…..