Answer to Salim Safi on selection of Asad Umar & decisions of Imran Khan


By Ahmad Jawad

In a recent article, Salim Safi tried to prove that Imran Khan made repeated wrong decisions in selection of his team, so he should be held responsible more than Asad Umar.

Here is my two cents:

Imran Khan was right most of the time in his decisions in Cricket & results proved him right most of the times, but even in cricket, he sometimes misjudged a player, for example Mansoor Akhtar, he observed him as good as Vivian Richard But Mansoor Akhtar could never succeed. Yet Mansoor Akhtar was naturally gifted batsman but somehow could not click. Talent is not the only factor behind success, it is attitude, it is timing, it is fate, it is intention, it is humility, it is rising to an occasion, it is compatibility with the task, anyone of them might be missing when we fail in life. No human being on earth except Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) can read all success factors correctly while choosing a team. So we may err in choosing a person. Our ambition & excitement to find the right person sometimes cloud our judgment.

Asad Umar is a successful corporate leader, intelligent, articulate, honest & hardworking, but he could not click as Finance Minister, but he might click in some other position.

Every leader or human being is not 100% fool proof, best leaders can misjudge. Churchill, Mahathir, Erdogan, Obama all were vulnerable to this trait. That is not the problem, the problem is whether a leader quickly applies correction after he has realised, his decision did not prove well?

Asad Umar is not a failure, he might not be a good opener, he might be a good middle order batsman, Imran Khan as a leader has to change positions to finally match the position & skill.

Imran Khan has started as Prime Minister just like he started as a fast bowler, as a captain, as a philanthropist or as a politician. What we repeatedly forget how he ended in each role. I believed in his all past roles & I believe him in his new role. He always came out successful in the end, I always could read him rightly. That is the story so far, and last chapter of this story will be similar.

Some journalists are intelligent but too arrogant when it comes to their opinion. Arrogance is like a termite in your foundation, which makes you fall with your opinion. Yet it never dies. Abu Jaihul was a combination of sheer intelligence & mountain of arrogance and we must learn from this example, when we make an opinion.