Art of Water Diplomacy in a Desert


By Ahmad Jawad

You cannot sell water on a rainy day but you can sell water in a desert.

Art of diplomacy is name of negotiating stakes. We cannot negotiate if we don’t hold higher grounds of stakes. As a nation we wasted 5 years under Gen Kiyani & Zardari only to shy  away from gaining higher grounds of stakes and kept the nation in agony & fear that military action was not suitable against Taliban. Nawaz Sharif wasted another year before Raheel Sharif started Zarb Azab & rest is history for nation to find relief and take pride.

We have wasted 15 years to gain higher stakes in negotiating with Afghanistan.We kept fearing clash with neighbour & kept requesting Afghanistan to behave. Result is in front of us. If you want to negotiate with Afghanistan, first gain higher grounds of stakes. Higher grounds of stakes can be building wall at Pak Afghan border, building check posts, implementing tough visa restrictions on Afghans, Implementing trade restrictions, sending Afghan back to their homes, Closing Afghan embassy & closing Pakistan embassy in Afghanistan. Once you have done this, offer negotiations. From here starts the Art of water Diplomacy in a desert.