Sindh govt’s attitude to ARY’s leading young journo Iqrar ul Hassan’s exposure of a corrupt & defunct security culture at the highest levels is flippant & arrogant.

The fact that his method of exposure about ease of entry into provincial parliament Sindh could also have helped to spark a healthy & balanced academic debate about cutting edge journalism in Pakistan is very much secondary to the importance of the issue at hand.

Iqrar ul Hassan first and foremost deserves the thanks of the authorities to help identify the lax security which was clearly the purpose of the exercise.
Imagine a hijacking of a provincial parliament by terrorists and the implications & repercussions of same.

The bigotry of his treatment is as sad as it is clear.
He should be freed immediately with a solemn probe into the security culture and lapses exposed which is an example in itself of responsible investigative journalism scarce & rare in Pakistan.

The attempt to give any other twist to this saga is as mentioned earlier flippant, arrogant and bigoted.

Iqrar ul Hassan’s work is well known for his courageous fearless and challenging manner and CM Sindh’s waking up and making a fist waving ‘we will take action’ statement is shameful and tantamount to mockery making with the Public.
In the interests of responsible journalism, we are all duty bound to take note of this seriously and act accordingly.

Courtesy: Social Media