Attitude of blaming those who don’t matter anymore for our consistent failures.


By Ahmad Jawad BTH

How much time nations require to rectify the past bad decisions & choices. Zia Ul Haq was killed in an air crash back in 1988, 28 years after his death, our thought process is still stuck with the past ghost of Zia. Musharraf left in 2008, Eight years have passed since his departure and we are still looking back to find excuse of our inability & putting blame on past. Problem is not Zia or Musharraf or even Zardari, problem is our inability to move forward. We are basically ghost of past

Tayyip Erdogan turned around Turkey in 10 years, from World’s lowest ever currency value to rise to 3 Lira/dollar.

Germany & Japan turned around their countries in 25 years from the ruins of Second World War.

Raheel Sharif could turn around law n order & counter Terrorism in 2 years. He never said, what past rulers or Army Chiefs did. He just did it.

A five year tenure is enough to make a major dam, to revolutionise health n education sector, accelerate economic activity, increase tax base, develop tourism, build 500 km motorway, to enable industry to grow, besides so many other initiatives, yet our political parties  end up completing a tenure putting blames to past for their failures. PPP ruled for 15 years in Federal capacity & 18 years in SINDH. PMLN ruled 8 years in Federal capacity & 20 years in Punjab. Yet PPP/PMLN & their supporters are found blaming Military interventions for their inability to transform any real progress in the country.

All major development of Pakistan in public n private sector is mostly done during Military rules. Imagine if Military would not have intervened, we would have been sitting in dark caves under the corrupt & incompetent democracy.

Our next door India never had any Military intervention but check its human development index or poverty level or level of corruption. It is as bad as Pakistan & in some cases worse. Democracy is for the people & of the people but what Democracy has done for majority poor class in India.

Biggest Question “Why 69 years of democracy could not bring change in the lives of a under prevailed class in India despite consistent democracy.

Answer, there will never be anything for deprived class whether India or Pakistan because democracy is a grossly flawed system for our region.