What exactly happened at Axact will remain a mystery. Some facts however will remain unique attached to Axact.

1. Never in the history of Pakistan, a billion $ industry of IT & Media has been closed down within 48 hours after publication of an article in New York Times.

2. Case is not taking dollars out of country like Ayan Ali, Zardari, Sharifs or episode of Panama Leaks, the case is about bringing dollars into the country.

3. Shoaib Sheikh is rise from lower middle class like Malik Riaz Hussain of Bahria Town. corruption,short cuts,bribes are  essential practices of any type of business in Pakistan but it is well accepted for political elites like Zardari or Sharifs as well as legacy elites like Mansha. Our historical or traditional elites do not accept entry of new members into the exclusive monopoly elite club especially those coming from lower or middle class. Bahria Town or Axact face the wrath of such resistance from monopoly elite group. Bahria Town survived similar episodes like Axact. Axact may also survive like Bahria Town and come back. The reason of such survival is resilience of such people. Corruption is not a theme applicable only to selected ones  just like justice is not virtue applicable only to selective ones. Ahmad Jawad

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