Beginning of a New Chapter .


By Ahmad Jawad

A great ideological speech by Saif Ullah Khan Niazi, Chief Organiser PTI, marking the beginning of a new but bright chapter of PTI.

PTI will never have political legacies like Benazir, Zardari, Bilawal, Maryum Nawaz & Hamza Shahbaz Instead PTI will have such political workers who worked at grass root level & progressed through hard work & sheer struggle to reach to the top position of Chief Organiser of party. A person with clean profile, a person with a vision, a person with deep understanding of problems of a common man, a person who is a true Muslim, a person who is sharp, intelligent & well educated. He could avail any kind of personal benefits because of his position in party but he opted to earn his own Halal bread n butter with hard work & honesty throughout his political career.

I saw him undaunted & standing tall when many in PTI were running around for positions & authority. His belief in Allah is strong & his determination to translate the vision of Imran Khan is clear & focussed. His commitment & loyalty with Imran Khan is beyond personal ambition.

Under the leadership of Imran Khan, inshallah we will see right people for right job very soon.