Beginning of a new Journey. Game Changer


By Ahmad Jawad

Saif Ullah Niazi, appointed Chief Organiser of PTI by Imran Khan, is now the most important factor for future of PTI after Imran Khan, he has been entrusted to reorganise the party. Biggest News of PTI in 2019 & one of the best news in last few years for PTI.

Saif Ullah Niazi started with Imran Khan 20 years ago when he was young fresh graduate from USA.

I have the honour to serve with him for almost 14 years through thick n thin. He proved his worth by standing tall with Imran Khan in last 20 years.

High positions in government could never cloud his commitment & Principle stand. He can call a spade a spade, no matters what.

Saif Ullah gave his entire youth to PTI. 30 October 2011 Jalsa in Lahore was the beginning of PTI rise, it was the result of organisation by Saif Ullah Niazi & his team.

On a personal level, Saif is a man of highest integrity, character, intelligence & truly gifted with organisational skills. He is par excellence in developing processes & policies.

In his famous book, Imran Khan mentioned about the sacrifices & efforts of Saif Ullah Niazi.

Imran Khan also narrated an incident in his speech that how Saif drove Imran Khan to Mianwali from Islamabad in FX 800 in the month of June with no air conditioner in early years of PTI.

One thing I keep reminding myself is “never doubt intention & ability of Imran Khan to play under pressure & come out with flying colours.

This is the beginning of a great destination, if I may predict.