Biggest DayLight Robbery of Pakistan


Biggest DayLight Robbery of Pakistan.

By Ahmad Jawad

For the last 25 years, Country is buying most expensive energy from IPPs to their benefit @20 to 27 cents per unit, whereas today Solar & wind energy is available at 4 to 6 cents per unit. IPPs contract in mid 90s was worst energy contract perhaps in the world, thanks to PPP Govt, which made us produce one of the largest percentage of expensive oil based energy when the world was relying on Hydro & coal energy. It’s an opportunity to renegotiate or nationalise IPPs under force Majeure.

We are responsible for what are facing today. For 25 years, did we ever realise how these IPPs plundered this country? Our ignorance helps plunderer to get away. Many will wake up to still support IPPs.

IPPs was the biggest day light robbery in the history of Pakistan. 80% loan was provided to IPPs by Pakistani Banks whereas only 20% equity was invested by IPPs. They even managed to include arbitration clause meant for London only to safeguard the robbery in coming years.

Each IPP made billions in 25 years & kept Pakistan under hostage with circular debt.

Every patriotic Pakistani should name & Shame IPPs until families of IPPs compensate the nation what they have done.

IPPs should be marked as biggest robbers of our country.

Share to help create this awareness. Some blocked minds will still not understand the background & history of this disaster.

Save country or save IPPs. Save robbery or save Pakistan. Time for 25 years of forensic audit of this robbery. Time to expose robbers.