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Read Pakistan Trust:

Read Pakistan was established to take practical steps to develop reading as a national habit and to promote love of books and reading culture in Pakistan.
Objectives of the Trust are to provide outstanding professional development and support training, critical research, and promotion of the lifetime reading habit and also to promote quality literacy instruction, advocate life-long reading, clarify educational issues for decision

Our Values: Equal opportunities of reading and learning for all.

Vision: We envision a society in which all people have an access to reading and have equal
opportunities of learning and personal and professional growth.

Mission: Providing reading facilities to all and training of librarians/teacher/parents to instill
reading habits.

Strategy: Creation of reading facilities accessible to all and to train
librarians/teachers/parents to develop a greater emphasis on reading habits in the children
coping up with present and future challenges.

Why Reading:
What could signify the importance of reading more than the fact that the first
word of the first Divine Revelation sent by God to Holy Prophet (PBUH) was
Iqra (read).”
Research shows that reading:
• Stimulates the mind,
• It opens human mind towards new thoughts, new ideas and possibilities.
• It improves focus and concentration.
Various Studies show, the more knowledge one has, the better-equipped he is to tackle any
challenge he’ll ever face:

• It improves creativity,
• Increases Self confidence,
• Raises self esteem,
• Builds expertise, and
• Forms new mental associations.

Why Read Pakistan
It was found, throughout the human history, reading rate of the leading nations was much
higher than the nations being ruled.
On the other hand, study reveals that “there was a link between deprivation and not
reading” the individuals who never read books, live in more deprived areas living in
Another research indicates that frequent readers are more likely to be satisfied with life,
happier and more successful in their professional lives.

Our Programs:
• Community Reading
Development Program
• Students Reading
Development Program
• Libraries, learning and
Resource Centers
• International Chapters

Our Unique Campaigns:

• School Libraries History’s largest campaign of
100, 000 School Libraries in

• City of Libraries: world’s first city with such an honorable identity.

• Read Talk: world’s first talk
series focused and highlighting
the value of books.

• Read Blog: The largest database of blogs highlighting the transformative power of reading.

• Read Africa: Providing access to books to african youth.

• RadioTalk : More than 50 talks by our chairman till to date.

• Training programs for teachers, parents, librarians and school administrators to make them capable
to inculcate love of books in children to make the lifelong learners.

Social media team of Read Pakistan.
CybeRead is the world’s first and the largest network of proud students of Pakistan and Africa to spread love of knowledge worldwide and to create environment for knowledge economy in Pakistan.

Read Pakistan Book Club The largest book club operating currently in 63 universities in Pakistan.