They can’t find anything in Imran Khan to match the insults being hurled on Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari every day due to their mega corruption and incompetence.


By Ahmad Jawad

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Corrupt regimes of two families must find something to balance out every day insults being thrown on Zardari and Sharifs which is an easy task as both are most corrupt families.

To find allegations & accusations on Imran Khan is not an easy task. Every such effort never exceeds more than a personal attacks or a brainless & stupid analogy. Imran Khan has never been in power, he has never been in business either. He has never taken any loans and got them waved off. He has never held any public office, unless Patwari are adamant to call opposition MNA as public office. He does not use or exploit any resources of KPK for his personal use despite party head. He has given substantial part of assets to Cancer Hospital. None of his relatives or family members are seen in party structure.

Recently Patwaris spread an image of Imran Khan coming out of Helicopter and comparing it with PM of Netherlands going to office on bicycle. Imran Khan is the one who reminded how rulers of civilised countries behave in setting examples of simplicity & economy of resources.

A ruler going to office by bicycle is a great symbol of simplicity and every ruler must follow it. In our country, we have similar examples of simplicity by Quaid Azam, Liaquat Ali Khan and Meraj Khalid. On the other hand, long list of corrupt rulers, mainly Sharifs, Bhuttos, Zardaris, till Khaqan Abbasi are plundering & misusing state resources. Interestingly, Imran Khan does not come into that definition. Yet focus of hate & corrupt regime shifts towards Imran Khan without any logic or sense.

A Patwari can never understand that going to another city more than 200 km away by a bicycle might require a professional cyclist with 60 km/hour speed to reach in 4 hours.

Bicycles & even cars are not yet advanced enough to replace planes & helicopters to travel fast. Using planes & helicopter allowed Imran Khan to travel every part of a large country. My sincere respect to those who might be affording the cost of such travelling. It’s a national cause to fund traveling of Imran Khan because he would neither use state resources nor he can afford.

We should be careful in forwarding Patwari posts as they are void of logic & sense both.

Inshallah when Imran Khan becomes PM, he will not cycle to office, he will jog to office and world will give examples of Pakistan. That time is not far, we just need to defeat Sharifs, Zardaris and their supporters.