A Rare Recap of US Wars in Last 20 Years

Bombing 7 countries & killing 1.3 Million people, and America still wonders why world hates America.

Game of Thrones by CIA


Sore & trumped eyes in America

By Horses Mouth

Black and Red Perceptions

By Ahmad Jawad Black and Red Perceptions. World was beautiful before Black turned Red. Black Oil was flowing & it turned red. It was red for...

Sparks of CIA

Trump gets endorsed

Afghan-origin man kills 50 in Florida gay nightclub At least 53 wounded; attacker also killed in police firing; emergency imposed in Orlando; Obama says it...

War and debt is why our trains are broken

By Ahmad Jawad America is not falling apart but America is definitely far behind in infrastructure compared to Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands...

Description of events related to Bangladesh

This small description of events related to Bangladesh can be enough to shake a sleeping nation but we are in such deep sleep, such shocks...