Change of Socks in SINDH


By Ahmad Jawad BTH.

A joke from World War I, a Commander of battalion congratulated his troops. Troops asked for what? Commander replied ” you all are going to change your socks today” A ray of excitement went through all of them.
Suddenly a soldier asked where are the new socks??

Commander replied idiot you have to change socks with each other.

Today, similar decision has been made by Asif Zardari & his operators in Sindh. Qaim Ali Shah to Murad Ali Shah is a mere change of socks till the time the party is controlled from a Don from Dubai.

Pakistani nation is like that platoon who are ready to change stinking socks in the name of change on every election.

Our nation must be liberated from the clutches of so called democracy & a new system of reforms needs to be initiated to break the monopoly of Socks Commanders.