Choice of Laughing at Ignorant or Training the Ignorant


By Ahmad Jawad

The video here is not meant for any joke or laughters as it might have been on social media. It is just simplicity & ignorance of a poor man who might be traveling for the first time. Majority of Pakistani labour become victim of naivety when traveling abroad or by air in local flights. We must not laugh at them, rather accept that as a nation & as a Govt, we have no training & guidance initiative for Air & abroad Journey. Is it a big challenge to initiate a small counter at airports for first time travellers or first time traveller to abroad to give them a basic guidance/ training at airports. It’s not a big financial or administrative challenge but it’s a way of compassion to teach those who are ignorant to reduce their suffering during their first time travel. It’s also to avoid presenting a backward image of Pakistan at International airports & abroad. A basic guidance on understanding of facilities at airport & abroad could help the cause. Nations progress not by laughing at its ignorant fellows but by taking initiatives to groom them. Please share if any Govt official with a conscience & vision might like to initiate a small initiative. Our forum is willing to facilitate CAA to install such guidance counters at airports & create awareness through social media.


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