Coming From Behind. Experts were always wrong.


By Ahmad Jawad

Experts told that he would never be able to become a good fast bowler because of flaws in his bowling action. His bowling was wayward. He went on to become one of the best fast bowlers of the world with sheer hard work, resilience & believing in himself & Allah.

Experts declared his concept of cancer hospital unfeasible. SKMH went on to become an International success story.

His concept of establishing a university in remotest area of Pakistan was considered a loose shot. University got affiliated with BradFord University UK & today considered as a prestigious educational institution of Pakistan.

His entry into politics was criticised most by experts, intellectuals, family & friends. Verdict was given that he can never become Prime Minister. He was embarrassed, humiliated & shamed by all possible tricks. He could not secure a single seat in first elections, he secured one seat in second elections, he boycotted third elections, he got 32 seats in 4th elections and finally he became Prime Minister in 5th elections.

Today again, he is being seen as a Prime Minister who could not find direction in his first 8 months. He is being criticised for right or wrong reasons but just remember one thing, he never found the direction in the beginning of each of his ventures. His direction comes slowly but surely. We the experts see things with our limited vision of normal life patterns whereas he succeeds through extra ordinary life patterns. We could never read him, we can never read him.

He comes from behind, he plays better when under pressure. He has his own internal mechanism of learning by doing. He was not gifted like Wasim Akram, yet he excels more than gifted ones.

Yes, there are serious concerns in first 8 months of his government but keep in mind that he is habitual to prove his critique wrong. I don’t have the ability to prove him right, but I have instincts to feel, he will find the way.

Remember experts were always wrong, they will be wrong again. It seems Allah has kept a big role for him to perform. I have seen him, accompanied him, supported him during all his past roles except Cricket because I was a bad cricketer but great fan of cricket till 1992 World Cup.