Concept of Small Forests & Shade Trees


Concept of Small Forests & Shade Trees

By Ahmad Jawad

Ornamental plants are plants that are grown for decorative purpose in gardens and landscape design projects, as houseplants, cut flowers and specimen display. The cultivation of ornamental plants is called floriculture, which forms a major branch of horticulture.

Shade Trees are those tree which grows in great heights & expand with large branches.

In Pakistan, we invest so much money, water, efforts in ornamental plants in our parks, lawns, roadside etc & this needs constant maintenance & look after.

On the other hand, shade trees can be grown easily & cheaply & they reduce environmental temperature, they provide shade to human beings, animals & vehicles, they improve environment, they attract clouds, they create birds sanctuary, they preserve nature & natural habitat. they present more beauty than ornamental plants. Our country badly needs shade trees not ornamental plants. With weak economy, very hot weather & extremely polluted regions, government must introduce regulations to discourage ornamental plants through regulations & encourage plantation of shade trees for at least 5 years.

A regulation for essential plantation of shade trees must be introduced with every house, factory, shop, plaza or housing scheme.

In fact, small forest concept must be introduced even at small areas from 5 Marla to few acres of land. Every tree if it’s branches are cut to 7 ft height, it will keep necessary clearance for mobility of people, yet it will cover the whole land with shade from the top.

Ornamental plants also get more attention because it helps businesses in getting contracts of high value. We can plant shade trees 10 times more than ornamental plants in the same price.