Dear Writer


Very right Imran Khan did not take any other actions against India except the ones you mentioned. But You forgot to mention OIC conference where Kashmir and Palestinian issue were raised, you also forgot to mention Imran Khan’s most historical speech raising issues of Palestine, Kashmir, Rohingya Muslims and Islamophobia at UNGA. Perhaps one reason of removing Imran Khan. Question is: What actions have been taken in last 19 months by a Govt which is directly under the control of most powerful against Indian?? over accession of occupied Kashmir? Any action? Any statement? Any protest or raising issue on international forum? even a clock outside Marriot? Even a road named after Kashmir? Even a symbolic protest on Friday? even a slight voice on international forums or media?? In peace time, Türkiye keeps the Turkish Cyprus issue Alive by diplomatic, rhetoric, public statements and speeches at International forums. so does the China against Taiwan, so does the Vietnam against China, Such rhetorics and symbolic actions are critical to keep the issue alive internationally. What is most criminal? Is the silence of Pakistan over Kashmir since last 19 months. What is the surprise? It is the silence of Indian guns on borders and silence of Indian leadership attacks on Pakistan and vice versa. Let me clarify, Open secret is a term used when somebody is unable to find a fact. Normally low eduction people use this term due to lack of facts and statistics. Let me clarify, Imran Khan is not yet convicted. Last conviction was dismissed by Islamabad High Court. His cases are so weak that they can’t be even heard in open court? Let me clarify, He has not lost his time, he has groomed a nation from ignorance to awareness and ideology, his ideology will last decades after you complete your life cycle. Let me clarify, Pakistan could not liberate Kashmir in 76 years through number of wars and adventures, through a defense budget at the cost of education, health and development. I hope this blame will not go to Imran Khan. It’s clear that Kashmir can’t be liberated by wars or adventures but Kashmir can be liberated through a strong economy which can make a strong voice at international forums and which obviously get respected. Beggars voice is simply ignored. So the solution lies cutting defense budget, restoring democracy, making leaders answerable to public and not masters, this will help improving economy and make us prominent with our voice over Kashmir and Palestine. Last but not the least, by keeping silent on the murder of thousands of Palestinians especially children, can we blame Imran Khan again. So decide who lost time?? People with weak argument get exposed on social media. So next time, please make a strong argument instead of a loosely knitted blame game.