Drone attacks under Four Army Chiefs.


By Ahmad Jawad

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General Musharraf – 6 drone attacks in 8 years.

General Kayani – 284 drone attacks in 6 years. 47 per year.

General Raheel Sharif – 36 drone attacks in 3 years. 12 per year.

General Qamar Bajwa – 5 drone attacks in one year.

There were hardly any Drone attacks during Musharraf time. It increased phenomenally during Kayani time. It reduced phenomenally during Raheel Sharif time. It came down almost negligible number during Qamar Bajwa time.

Well done Raheel Sharif and Qamar Bajwa. Statistics speaks of your integrity & patriotism.

We must analyse how come worst period of drone attacks was under Kayani as Army Chief. He is the one who got 3 years rare extension from most corrupt Zardari, one of the most disgraceful events of Pakistan: Salala Attack and OBL Abbotabad also happened under General Kayani. 2013 rigged elections also happened when Kayani was Army Chief. Kayani’s corrupt “Band of Brothers” was another rare black mark for an Army Chief.

General Kayani is the only Army Chief who had the distinction of winning great favours from most corrupt politician of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari.

In my opinion, General Kayani must be investigated for his sins and make an example of accountability. Question must be explored “Was Kayani a traitor “. Finding a traitor will always make us a better nation.

We are proud of our Army and consider Army as the only institution safeguarding Pakistan against all odds & challenges. We have a history of professional Army Chiefs except Yahya Khan and General Kayani. Yahya Khan was identified and history recorded him with matching image of disgrace. Did we identify Kayani? Did we record him in history compatible to his disgraceful tenure? I think he got away with his blunders causing disgrace to our country, got away with his money earned through his brothers, saved his brothers on red warrant, managed to encroach 12 Kanal of land of DHA into his house.

Today he participates in national events as retired Army Chief wearing Jinnah cap, a cap which hardly matches with his credentials. He should wear something similar to Zardari.

Two politicians (Nawaz Sharif & Zardari), one Army Chief (Kayani), one Judge (Justice Qayyum) , one bureaucrat (Fawad) and one businessman (Mansha or Malik Riaz), One Chief election Commisioner ( Justice Raza) and Chairman NAB ( Qamar u Zaman) and one journalist ( Sethi or Salim Safi), One Media owner ( Mir Shakil ur Rehman) if put behind bars for rest of their life, the country will take off.

Without above accountability, forget to become a great country and great nation.