Eight Questions which might unfold a great strategy for New Pakistan.



Eight Questions which might unfold a great strategy for New Pakistan.

  1. Biggest beneficiary of Pakistan & biggest hurdle in the progress of Pakistan is bureaucracy. Serving bureaucracy is difficult to get rid of, why retired bureaucracy is allowed to continue destruction even after they are long retired. Can’t we get rid of them once they are retired as a first step?
  2. Why we never see a successful philanthropist or a successful entrepreneur growing out of a bureaucrat? Because bureaucrat has never learnt to even crawl without power & crutches?
  3. Why greatest success stories come from philanthropist, entrepreneurs, politicians, Military men & Sportsmen? & never from bureaucracy? because they only learnt how to chain success, not reel success.
  4. Bureaucracy is an art to kill greatest of ideas under the garb of principles & system. Why to allow the art to flourish & continue destruction?

5.Did anyone ever find a solution from within the rotten system? Here, all time greatest theory of “Out of Box Solution” came. To understand & adopt an “Out of Box Solution”, you have to stay outside the box. Pertinent to note, bureaucracy can never think “Out of Box”.

  1. Should a country, with 70% population below 35 years old, allow bureaucrats above 60 years on important govt positions?
  2. Great leaders like Erdogan, Mahathir & Imran Khan always found success with their own decisions & vision. Is Imran Khan still making his own decisions OR his decisions & vision might have become victim of bureaucracy?

8.Is bureaucracy an addiction? Is bureaucracy a comfort zone? Is bureaucracy unavoidable? Is bureaucracy indispensable? Is bureaucracy black magic?

By Ahmad Jawad
Living out of box 😊