Fallen Heroes – Tom Hurndall


Tom Hurndall, A british student who lost his life while saving a Palestinian child from Israeli forces.

January 13th was the anniversary of Tom Hurndall’s death. Tom was a 21-year-old British student, a photographer, a volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement, and an activist against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories who went to Gaza in 2003. On April 11, he watched as children playing nearby suddenly came under Israeli rifle fire. Most of the children fled, but three of them, aged four to seven, froze with fear. Tom rushed one to safety. When he returned for two little girls, an Israeli sniper shot him in the head.

Israeli officials delayed his transport to specialized medical care for over two and a half hours. Tom remained in a vegetative state until his death 9 months later. Learn more: http://cnif.us/1FQZAUb

Watch an extremely moving report from a British TV news team that went to the scene shortly after his shooting: http://cnif.us/17EgBl3

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