From an Agriculture expert who is actually doing what he claims:


Punjab Government claims production cost of wheat: Rs 1160/40kg.

Official Procurement Cost: Rs 1300/40 Kg.

After adding overheads price goes to Rs: 2000/40 Kg.

Innternational Price is Rs 800/Kg.

Million of tones of wheat is piled up, rotting, since many years at tax payers and consumer cost. It has no export value due to higher cost and poor quality.

Non-producer is paying double the price for no fault. 
It is because of poor production technology & methods.

For over 60% Agriculture dependent there is not a single school or training centre.

Using new process & technology wheat can be produced at less than Rs 100 /40 kg.

So simple but far from the understanding of bureaucracy & political leadership of last 50 years.

If PTI govt will not get rid of those in policy making of Agriculture who are part & parcel of Agriculture in last 50 years, we will just continue what others did in past. So far, there is no significant out of the box solution from PTI in Agriculture.