“Game of Removing Thrones” is more successful than original “Game of Thrones”

"Game of Removing Thrones" is more successful than original "Game of Thrones". Social Media circulated information can be checked through own sources and own satisfaction. BTH claims no responsibility of its authenticity. Ahmad Jawad.


The reliable sources have divulged that the core team of PM, consisting of Ishaq Dar and Fawad H. Fawad, has finalized the plan to get favorable decision from the Judges in Panama Papers scandal on the pattern of election rigging tribunal.
1. The TORs are too wide, vague, and complicated to produce any meaningful results. A trick hardly any one in opposition can understand.
2. The registrar and additional registrar are DMG bureaucrats, handpicked by his close bureaucrat Mr. Fawad  Hassan Fawad, though these two posts are judicial posts, but PM Team managed to post DMG bureaucrats on these posts.
3. Both registrar and additional are in line for their further promotion for which PM is the competent authority to decide their fate.
4. The coordination is being done through Barrister Zafrullah and Mohiddudin Wani, former CJ and Ramday.
5. The winning team has been given the task again to perform as they manipulated and managed the election rigging tribunal.
6. Former registrar of Supreme Court has been posted secretary establishment division directly under the PM as reward.
7. The secretary of Supreme Court tribunal on Election Rigging, Mr. Hamid Ali, a bureaucrat, has been posted to Spain as Commercial counselor as reward, though he got lowest written marks in the LUMS test.
8. Both sons of law of chief Election Commissioner has been posted on coveted posts, one in Geneva and other on lucrative post of DG housing authority.
9. Justice Saqib Nisar is close friend and Junior of PM since days in Government College Lahore. He has personal relations with all close bureaucrat aides of PM.
10. So the stage is set for exonerating the PM Shareef, declare him innocent, rather whiten his all offshore assets for all times to come.
11. Team PM Shareef, Zinda Baad 😊

Courtesy: Social Media