How China is facing challenge of Corona Virus.


How China is facing challenge of Corona Virus & how a 1000 & 1500 bed hospital was made in 10 days. It’s a beautiful story of mankind striving under time pressure & most difficult times. THIS IS CHINA. I would love to learn from China & I am sure every human being will take pride in this beautiful & most amazing story of grit, spirit & perseverance. Ahmad Jawad Central Secretary Information PTI Pakistan.

Manual for the Construction of Mount Vulcan”

First of all, you need an emergency order: led by the three bureaus of China Construction, Wuhan Construction, Wuhan Municipal Government, Hanyang Municipal and other enterprises to participate in the construction, in Wuhan Zhiyin Lake 50,000 square meters of beach slope, command 7,500 builders and nearly a thousand mechanical equipment, to all the people and suffering Wuhan citizens set up a military standing – “ten days, built a 1000-bed life-saving hospital.”

Immediately after you need Beijing Zhongyuan International Engineering Design Research Institute in 78 minutes, 17 years ago Xiaotangshan Hospital design and construction drawings are all finished. Then unreservedly submitted to Wuhan CITIC Architectural Design Institute, and by the national survey and design master Dr. Huang Xixuan repeatedly told the experience of the loss.

You need CITIC Architectural Design Institute in 1 hour to convene 60 designers, while setting up public welfare projects, contact hundreds of BIM designers across the country to participate in the fight: within 24 hours to come up with a design plan, 60 hours with the construction unit to negotiate the final construction drawings.

You need Wuhan Air Development Group to quickly enter the site leveling, road and drainage works construction, and by two listed companies high-energy environment and Oriental Yuhong composed of emergency engineering construction team, responsible for impermeable engineering, sewage treatment and medical waste transfer facilities construction, but also in the most difficult times to summon China Railway Industry under the heavy industry, fire reinforcement sought after the construction period.

You need the National Grid, and more than 260 power workers work 24 hours a day. Two 10 kV line relocation, 24 box transformer relocation work, 8000 meters power cable laying, and on time to start power transmission by January 31.

You need lithium energy, and before the power cable is laid, you urgently provide silent power generation vehicles to solve emergency power supply problems for critical equipment such as communication base stations

You need Huawei, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tower, China Electronics, China Xinke and other front and future enterprises to work closely together, and work together, in 36 hours to quickly complete 5G signal coverage, but also delivered cloud resources, core system calculationswith storage devices, and built a remote consultation system with the PLA General Hospital.

Then you can set up a camera behind three laurel trees to open a live broadcast, and then summon tens of millions of cloud supervisors, watching by Sany Heavy Industries, Zhonglian Heavy Branch, Xugong machinery support to ensure the “send ash”, “sick mud sauce” 24 hours busy.

You need PetroChina on-site refueling vehicles, and requisition Sinopec Zhiyin Avenue gas station for the project site to provide oil protection, while providing instant noodles, boiling water, meeting venues and temporary toilets.

You need all the production personnel of the Three Gorges Group’s Ezhou power plant to be stationed at the factory to provide a guarantee for the use of electricity in Wuhan, the Priority of the China Railway Construction Expressway to release the materials of The fire shenshan hospital, Baowu steel, Zhejiang Merchants Zhongtou, Minmetals development to provide steel, Chinese building materials to provide gypsum board, keel.

You also have to use food delivered from outside China, grain and oil donated by COFCO Group to supply thousands of workers with three meals a day, and in one day by Hubei Zhongbai warehouse jointly with Alibaba’s Taobao to build a “no contact cash register” supermarket, for workers and medical workers to provide convenient and safe supplies of living supplies.

In the construction, you need Huaxin shares of cement, Hebei Junhui’s fire-resistant paint, the galvanized round steel of the zhengda tube, Huamei energy-saving rubber insulation materials, Huida bathroom 5931 toilets and taps, bay safety fire alarm, Jiaqiang energy-saving and other three enterprises 3500 sets of assembly integrated room, the emerging international ball ink cast iron pipe, Yonggao’s municipal and construction pipelines, China’s Yiye’s 4800 sets of steel components, Zhuzhou McGirmit’s 50 sets of power supplies, Shanghai Guanlong’s 2000 valves.

The house is built for the next decoration, you need to build a deep installation of 100 managers, 500 construction staff, in 3 days to complete the indoor field rubber laying, toilet and buffer room floor tiles and more than 200 wards of the interior decoration tasks.

Renovation completed, information system construction You need Lenovo Group to provide a full set of more than 2000 computer equipment and field professional IT service team; TCL Electronics to provide all public LCD display; Xiaomi provided tablets; Ziguang, Fire Communication, Qi Anxin provided network and security equipment; Wei Ning Health providesInternet hospital cloud platform.

Professional equipment is essential, you need Shadow Medical, Shanghai Xintou, Neusoft Group’s CT equipment, Weifang Yashi shares of the ICU ward and operating room special medical air conditioning, Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association thermal imaging chip, Shanghai Yanofi 930 sets of ultraviolet disinfection lights, Oppu professional lighting equipment, Lepu Medical’s 2000 electronic thermometers and 700 finger blood oxygen meters, Huiqing Technology and Ojahua’s professional air purifiers, Orion Star’s medical service robots;

All of the above material transportation, relying on Shunfeng, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda, EMS, Alibaba logistics platform and other Chinese logistics giants jointly opened the domestic and global green channel, free of charge from all over the country for Wuhan transport relief supplies.

Finally, let the professional team install a good Gree air conditioning, such as Haier engineers because of road closure back the refrigerator rushed to the scene, the United States water dispenser, water heater placed in place. Outside the door, dozens of negative-pressure ambulances donated by Yutong Bus and Jiangling Group have been put up for sale.

When you think, there will always be someone to provide in time, and you will not expect to be provided.

The value of 200,000 yuan of filing cabinet, 14 Luoyang furniture enterprises overnight rush work, after the shipment to tell you “don’t buy, we donate.” “

8000 catties of winter melon, Shanghai green, coriander, is Henan Shenqiu Baiji Town veteran Wang Hui drove 300 kilometers, in the New Year 30 directly to the construction site.

1 ton of “blood orange”, is not rich Sichuan Province, The Town of Shuinan farmers Huang Cheng carefully selected from the.

400 benches, is less than a year of business Taobao shop owner Jinchen can not bear to see day and night workers on the floor and sit and donate.


Where’s the “infrastructure mania”,
Only the “life and death speed” of racing against time.
No need to be “shocked, cheered”,
As long as never give up the gritted teeth insist.

The Spirit of the National Backbone