Why Imran Khan’s offShore company is 100% legal

Courtesy: Social Media


1. He was not British passport holder unlike Hussain Nawaz & Hasan Nawaz. He purchased property through legal money & legal process of offshore company authorised under British Law.A British does not need to purchase proper through off shore company.

2. He was paying UK tax on UK income.Total value of property purchase was matched with his declared & taxed income as a professional cricketer.

3. He set up offshore company using tax paid income ( this is major difference ) in contrast to Sharifs off shore companies whose source of income is all time secret.

4. Imran Khan offshore company was only used to buy and sell one property and saved capital gains tax according to British Law.

5. Entire money was then routed through normal channels at every stage completely transparent at every step of transaction.

6. Sharif family took bank loans using their properties under offshore company as security. Such property was bought in 92 using wealth with unknown source.

Difference lies between legally earned money in case of Imran Khan or illegally & secret money in case of Sharifs.

Property & earned money of Imran Khan is known to tax authorities in UK & Pakistan both. Imran Khan always expressed openly about his property in UK & it’s sale & purchasing E7 house & later purchasing Bani Gala property after selling E7 house at Islamabad.