Imran’s Bani Gala Case.


By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Today, the Chief Justice sharply rebuked and rapped Akram Sheikh on the knuckles, for misrepresenting court proceedings and deliberately misquoting him and members of the bench. “When did we say that there would be consequences”? And Akram Sheikh sheepishly apologised!

In actual fact, the Court today expressed full satisfaction with the evidence submitted by Imran Khan and have requested clarity on a few payments.

Truly sad and tragic to see an honest man being subjected to the kind of mud slinging that Imran has had to go through.

If there’s one thing you can’t fault this guy, is his honesty. He may be Arrogant. Opinionated. Stubborn. Makes mistakes. Has made political compromises. Danced with some very dubious right wing characters like Sammy Sandwich! Was completely wrong on his Taliban stance.

But his honesty, incredible stamina, unrelenting passion, love and commitment for Pakistan “Trumps” everything.

5 options folks.

1. Vote for Nawaz.
2. Vote for Zardari
3. Vote for Imran.
4. Or stay home, don’t vote and continue to bitch and wait for the Perfect Angelic Messiah.
5. Army takeover.

Stark choices.

So what makes sense?

A fighting chance for a better Pakistan with Imran?

Or back to the sleaze, corruption, criminality and unbearable stench and vomit of Nawaz and Zardari and their ilk?

Or the disaster of a military government?

The choice is ours and ours alone!

A more detailed, harsher and candid appraisal of IK and PTI and his/their electoral prospects follows in a few days. Please stay tuned!