Inauguration by Ahmad Jawad in China.


Modern Express (Reporter Zheng Wenjing / Wen Zhaojie / photo) On November 21st, Jiangsu Qiuzhen Yilin Publishing Co., Ltd. was announced at the site of the Second Yangtze River Delta Cultural Expo.

Ahmad Jawad, Central Secretary Information of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and Xu Ning, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee jointly unveiled Jiangsu Qiuzhen Yilin Publishing Co., Ltd.

Signing ceremony

Pakistani Minister Jawad made a special trip to China to attend the inauguration ceremony. On one hand, he expressed his good wishes for the establishment of the company. Quality publishing cooperation promotes mutual learning and people’s hearts through publishing exchanges.

He said: “I have visited China many times over the years, and China ’s biggest impression is that it has progressed phenomenally in economy & Infra structure & continued to develop steadily, science and technology have continued to change, the ecological environment has continued to improve, and social and cultural undertakings have also enjoyed unprecedented prosperity.” He said, I very much hope that the people of Pakistan can read more books about Chinese culture and Chinese development. “I look forward to seeing more books from China in Pakistan, books from Phoenix Publishing Media Group, and books from Jiangsu Qiuzhen Yilin Publishing Co., Ltd.”