Introducing new Urdu dictionary! Why I should not use words like Dacoit, thieves, Diesel, Moto Gang?


By Ahmad Jawad

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Journalist job is to trap you or make you questionable with hard questions under the rule of Journalism and sometimes under an Agenda.

A question oftenly posed on media & social media that why a leader like Imran Khan should use words like Dacoits, Thieves, Diesel, Moto Gang for his political opponents.

A leader is not a judge of Judicial Court who is to pass a judgment on a criminal or a corrupt based on just law, a law which has serious limitations to pass a fair judgment due to a deeply rooted corrupt system which can forge documents, appoint corrupt heads of regulatory body, appoint corrupt police officials and running investigation under corrupt and personal appointees by rulers.

Under such system, a fair judgment might never come. In this system, you can’t prove Zardari as a corrupt despite he can never justify that how he earned billions of dollars from selling tickets in Black from Bambino Cinema.

Now if we expect a leader not to call Zardari a dacoit or Thief or a fraud, then who will tell this to nation. A leader is supposed to tell Nation about black & white through his judgment. A leader must inform Nation on fraud, thugs, dacoits, thieves and even more, and entire nation must sing these words to expose such corrupt and criminals.

According to our law, Zardari is innocent and this is what he claims proudly and arrogantly. Our Judicial & executive system is so weak, it can never prove him guilty or even if he is proved guilty, he will be given asylum by USA or UK or Switzerland.

Can Maulana “Diesel”explain why we call him “Diesel”, This term of “ Diesel “ reminds Nation how a person claiming himself as a religious leader makes fool of Nation for personal gains. A nation must remember that “Diesel“ like terms explain how a corrupt person disguise himself under religion and religious attire. I recommend that “Diesel” should become a permanent term for corrupt people disguised as religious leaders.

{“Diesel” should be included in our Urdu dictionary with meaning. “ A beard
 man covered in religious attire selling his Nation & country”}

It will make us a better nation with better vocabulary of crimes.

“Moto Gang” are two accused for mass corruption under the supervision of their father and enjoying billions of dollar assets which belongs to poor nation of Pakistan. I think “Moto Gang” is a very soft term used for those corrupt who actually should be hanged.

{This term “Moto Gang “ should also be included in our Urdu dictionary 
with the meaning “Sons Who plunder their country with the help of their father”}.

I recommend a new term

{“Transgender Politician” and this title should be given to Bilawal. 
#Like a transgender, he mixes his identity, 
#like a transgender he speaks and walks. 
#Like a transgender, he be friends}

So next time a journalist raises this question of what a leader should speak or not speak might like to refer to my newly introduced Urdu dictionary, it will make him a better journalist & a better Pakistani.

Let’s call, announce, inform, educate our nation by calling them thieves, dacoits, Diesel, Moto Gang, political transgender and don’t forget to introduce new terms for those who plundered & looted our country since last 40 years.