Javed Chaudhry’s Warning or Agenda.


By Ahmad Jawad

Email: pakistan.bth@gmail.com

Javed Chaudhari has predicted that Reham Khan book will inflict serious damage to Imran Khan’s reputation. Javed Chaudhry also claims that it was not sponsored by Sharifs but an Indian businessman.

Traditional journalists like Javed Chaudhry have to create a dooms day scenario on every issue to reflect required sensationalism to make their voice popular.

Traditional journalist always carry some agenda as well for vested interests. Agenda in his recent article is to dispel the impression of Sharifs involvement in the book and turns it towards an unknown Indian businessman. A very basic question from Javed Ch:“ who is the real beneficiary of this book”? answer obviously is Sharifs. So who has got the real motive to sponsor such book? Hanif Abbasi statement in 2017 to warn dire consequences of Reham Khan book in 2018 is obviously not result of some horoscopist ability but an information directly coming from the Sharifs team including Reham Khan.

Yes investment foot prints might lead towards some Indian element. In that case, it is proved yet again that how India is trying to rescue Sharifs.

Javed Ch avoided to discuss all these aspects. Finally well done Javed Ch for a package of sweet with hidden agenda. You learnt how to sell from the drawing room of Malik Riaz House in G6 Islamabad, and you are selling well since that time.

If Javed Chaudhry is to be believed, Imran Khan would have destroyed long time ago in the hands of Sita White.

I don’t think book will have any impact in coming elections except momentary heat & flirtation of public & Media with the book.

Imran Khan’s steadfastness will sail through,yet again, this last minute distractions.

Reham Khan IQ is biggest hurdle to her high ambitions. She always ends up like a Tissue paper & more precisely a toilet paper.

MI 6 still regretting to recruit her. RAW & Sharifs will regret too. I will describe her as follows:

“Beauty under good Make up and Content under good made up”. 😀