Justice looks anxious & helpless


Message : Salam! This is khadija Siddiqi (survivor of 23 Stab wounds) Mr Ahmad Jawad previously wrote an article on Beyond the Horizon. I would want some more help. We had won the case in High court. The criminal was in jail and after applying for post arrest bail, Session Judge Saifullah Sohal granted bail against HC orders. Please highlight the case and judges wrong attitude and symathies towards criminal  so i can get justice as soon as possible.  Please help in any way

Reference article: Justice looks anxiously & helplessly towards Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah

Justice looks anxiously & helplessly towards Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah

By Ahmad Jawad

Time for him to set an example out of this case. Shah Hussain son of a renowned Lawyer Tanvir Hashmi. He stabbed  Miss Khadeeja Siddiqui his class fellow,  23 times  on her chest and neck area when she went to pick her seven year old sister Sofia from Convent of Jesus and Mary. The attacker was chasing her and attacked when she was about to sit in the car outside the school, he also wounded little Sofia.
The murder suspect escaped the arrest from the session court with help of lawyers after his bail plea was rejected. The criminal is still on the run and is supported by goons from Pakistan’s people’s party.
Khadeeja has miraculously survived but she and her seven year old sister are still in a state of trauma and has requested to spread the word against the hooliganism of lawyers in lower courts. Who are still threatening her family. Please support her and spread this as much as you can, until justice is served.

Grooming & Training of our children is our greatest responsibility. In pursuance of never ending greed & lust for money & success, we forget this important responsibility & we create monsters out of innocent children. Then, Such monsters start hitting the very fabric of our society. Halal earning is like a good seed & fertiliser to grow a good crop of children.

Just having children is just the beginning, the real responsibility starts afterwards.