Lack of Clarity on CPEC by our Media Wizards


By Ahmad Jawad

Some media wizards are comparing budget distribution of CPEC as a message of inequality among the provinces. Fact is Gwadar & China are two terminal points of CPEC. Gwadar port is ready, China is ready & both terminal points need to be connected through road network. Gwadar Port will only serve it’s  purpose if  its benefit spread out to all Pakistan & China through road network. So bigger the province, bigger the Road Network.Sorry some media wizards are only seeing things through the bias of provincialism. We should challenge such articles rather than just forwarding. That’s our duty. CPEC transparency & priority to Baluchistan development are valid points but linking it to budget distribution of  CPEC is wrong analogy. Best benefit of CPEC will eventually flow to Gwadar being one of the two terminal points of CPEC. Let’s understand the benefit of CPEC as a nation & fail the agenda of India & USA on CPEC.