Let’s Fight another day


By Ahmad Jawad

If I go in the shoes of Indian, for Pulwama & post Pulwama, i would conclude that India was unprepared and reacted without proper plan militarily and Internationally. Modi with few top Indian military commanders proved to be immature leadership to cause failure on Indian side.

But there was some good advisers on Indian side, they recognised their own wrong foot & advised to halt for the time being.

Pakistani side made a good response. Statesmanship by Imran Khan, brilliance of Air Force with very effective Information warfare well cultivated & well harvested under ISPR were highlights on our side.

India was stopped with right advise “ Let’s fight another day”. Pakistan must prepare for that “another day”.

We must look at our weaknesses for that “another day” which will be better conceived & better prepared by India.

Our most vital weakness for that “another day”may not be military but economy & governance. We may always survive from the war destruction but we may not survive under a weak economy & worse governance. India will exploit all our weaknesses.

Both Japan & Germany survived from the worst destruction of 2nd world war & became 2nd & 3rd largest economy before the arrival of China.

Soviet Union could not survive with the military power of a super power but Russia survived & made an impact with strength of its economy.

We are constantly preparing militarily by recognising our enemies but we neither are recognising nor preparing against our worst enemy which is weak economy, worse governance, fragile sustainability & corruption.

Zardari & Nawaz Sharif left behind a devastated economy caused by their economic hitmen. Time is ticking for Pakistan & PTI, seven months & no real plan to uplift the country is worrisome.

We may not know our Achilles heel but our enemy & adversaries know it well.

“Another day” will come silently, covertly & surely. Question remains “Will we be ready for that another day”