Love for Leader, Love for Political party but no love for Pakistan.

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Nobody seems To Love Pakistan….

I remember walking into my house after school as a child one day, asked my mother for food and she replied with the most somber face that she did not cook anything because Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hung that day. Without understanding a word of our household loyalty towards PPP at that time, i went to the kitchen, grabbed some bananas and filled myself up. I would never forget that afternoon. Then came Zia Ul Haq and i think every middle class family forgot their political loyalties and hushed up. Then we, as a family, moved to America and i found out that some political party called MQM came into existence back in Pakistan, i was very happy that there comes a party representing Karachi and its people. Finally the Urdu speaking would have say in some matters. Then over the years whenever i visited Pakistan during the next 3 decades, i saw my city go further and further into chaos. So much so that a day came when i started to dislike all political parties. Yes all.

Because the more I interacted with Pakistanis in Pakistan the more i realized that everybody was in love with their party and its leaders and nobody seems to love Pakistan. I spent hundreds of hours with Benazir Bhutto in Dubai, talking, laughing, being the younger brother she treated me as, but the more time i spent in her company, the more it was revealed to me that her followers loved her more than they loved Pakistan. And the same was the case with every political party.

Everybody in Pakistan has the courage to curse the Army, blame the ISI, defame our security agencies but not a single person in any political party has even the slightest of courage to question their party leader. MQM thinks Altaf Hussain is God. PPP thinks Zardari is an angel. PML N thinks that Nawaz Shareef is the best thing since sliced bread. PTI thinks that IK is the only answer to Pakistan. APML thinks that Musharraf should rule Pakistan again for next 7000 years. Every party and its members have the courage to come on TV and badmouth each other’s leaders, blame the rangers, question the armed forces, but not a single person has the courage to question the decisions of their party leader. Why ? Because they love their party and its leader more than they love Pakistan. The day we stop loving our parties and start loving our country, maybe a party will emerge which will love the country more than its lust to rule the country. Unless WE change, this country is not changing. Unless we realize that parties can be formed many times, but Pakistan can not be formed again. Unless we realize that we do and will have many political parties and even many more political leaders, but we will only have ONE PAKISTAN, unless this realization seeps into our blood, we will have many Amjad Sabris killed, tomorrow it could be you and I. There were 60,000 already in 15 years, you think you and i count ? No we do not. You think your political party counts ? No it does not. PAKISTAN COUNTS. And ONLY PAKISTAN COUNTS.

Until the day comes when the world can say that “He seems to love Pakistan more than his political party…” Nothing will change. Nothing.”