Maj Ali Changezi Shaheed – Nation is grateful for your sacrifice to protect our motherland

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Maj Ali Jawad Changezi shaheed after reaching CMH and embracing martyrdom…..

According to the Doctor who received Major Ali Jawad shaheed at 1845 hrs…. he was hit with 2 bullets…one he got on the shoulder and second a round from Anti aircraft gun Pierced through his abdominal from left and left his abdomen from right. There was too much bleeding and as I have seen many previous patients it is extreme pain where v even have held patients by both hands and feet to treat him because of immense pain. But Maj Ali when reached CMH his first question was “roza aftaar ho gayaa q k mera b rozaa he”, I said “No sir it is 1845 hrs time is still remaining” then after a pause Maj ali asked ” main survive kr jaon gaa yaa nahe”, i answered”Sir apko kuch hoaa hee nahee he bilkul sahee ho jain gain”. According to doc he was bleeding too much whatever Bottles of blood we gave him they left his body. When maghrib azaan was called, i told him Sir roza aftar ho gayaa he. He picked up a date held it ate it and he fainted and that was last we saw of great sacrifice of Maj Ali Changezi shaheed