Meeting with President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi.


By Ahmad Jawad

If i recall correctly, i met Dr Arif Alvi back in 2006 when i was made Member Central Executive Committee, although my interaction with Imran Khan and PTI was already going on long before my joining CEC. Dr Arif Alvi issued my notification of CEC membership on the desire of Imran Khan. I started attending CEC regular sessions onwards. Attendance in CEC meetings used to be between 15 to 25 members in one session. PTI office was located in G-6/1. CEC meeting used to be scheduled on an average of once in a month, Dr Arif Alvi used to travel from Karachi being the General Secretary of party. Very simple in his attire, very humble in conversation, carrying his laptop always, he would conduct the CEC session under the chairmanship of Imran Khan. PTI CEC sessions were never without excitement, emotions, long arguments and new ideas. Dr Arif Alvi used to be a smiling & effective moderator amid all this heated debates. His sense of humour would always help in clearing heat in the air. He used to stay in a guest house next to PTI office during his stay in Islamabad. A simple lunch used to be followed after the CEC session. Over a period of time, My other notifications of responsibilities were also signed by Dr Arif Alvi. During all this time, i worked with him closely and it was always a great learning experience.

Dr Arif Alvi had his twitter account back in 2007. He and his son Dr Awab Alvi are the pioneers of social media in Pakistan, when very few would even know what is Twitter or Facebook and how to utilise such applications.

Today, while entering President House, i was having a flash back of all these memories. A very well organised protocol team of President House is there to make your visit a perfect smooth visit. Entering President office, I found the same Dr Arif Alvi, humble, warm, smiling and friendly. During all this time, we were talking about emerging technologies, he very passionately shared his new ideas, how he wants to contribute towards Pakistan by bringing together Silicon Valley, Google, and local stake holders. He gave me a few links of his initiatives. While i thanked him for being very gracious to grant me audience.

In the end, he was once again very humble to say “It was the efforts of all PTI members that i have reached to this position and i remember each and every one of them”.