Melon falling on knife or Knife falling on Melon.


By Ahmad Jawad

Writer is Chief Visionary Officer of World’s First Smart Thinking Tank ”Beyond The Horizon” and most diverse professional of Pakistan. See writer’s profile at and can be contacted at “”

PMLN sponsored media & journalist have been given one last task to revive or save Nawaz Sharif. Task is also to scare establishment and Judiciary on the impact of GT Road march by Nawaz Sharif.

Twice Nawaz Sharif was removed, there were not hundred people on the street. Being a ruler, he can gather crowd on GT road with the help of power, authority & money but as soon as such a ruler is behind bars, an agitation of few hundred people will be a miracle. Nawaz Sharif has no street power, his strength lies in money, electable, bureaucracy, and election Commision, all these, except money,evaporate within minutes without being in power.

Way forward for Pakistan is to put these corrupt rulers in jail through judicial process which seems heading in right direction. Establishment, Judiciary and public must stand united to avail this last chance to get rid of corrupt mafia and God Fathers.

I remember a time when Altaf Hussain usual call to shut down Karachi was a big threat and he would do it at will. Today he can’t gather 100 people. Myth was broken by Raheel Sharif.

I remember a time when entire political regime and even General Kayani considered peace negotiation with Taliban as only option, until Raheel Sharif stepped in to prove it otherwise.

Sold journalist and sold media houses will try to create similar scenarios to rescue Nawaz Sharif but even a low IQ person knows that Nawaz Sharif is now “Pani Ka Bulbala”.

He is not even as menacing threat as Altaf Hussain and Taliban, he is a melon which will cut into pieces whether he falls on knife or knife falls on him.

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