A Nation on High Alerts Everywhere & Anytime


By Ahmad Jawad

A nation who is required to be on alert all the time to survive against following threats.

1. A suicide bomber at any place.
2. An unattended parcel.
3. Mobile snatching anytime.
4. Pick pocketing in a crowd.
5. Drawing cash At ATM machines.
6. Theft & Dacoity at homes.
7. Car theft anywhere, anytime.
8. Exceeding utility bills.
9. Walking at night or deserted place.
10. Tax notices on wrong addresses.
11. Fuel shortage.
12. Floods.
13. Looking around before sitting in a car.
14. Keeping cars locked from inside.
15. Keeping right privacy setting on FB.
16. Moving in Mercedes & BMW.

And latest is watch for any car with crying children who might have been kidnapped not for ransom but human organs.