Nawaz the Alien in the City….


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On Monday, 14th May 2018, a meeting on National Security Committee was held and presided by Premier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to discuss the upset arising situation over the recent statement of Nawaz Sharif about Mumbai Attacks which took place in 2008.

Former ineligible Prime Minister stood firm on his Mumbai Attack Statement which was term as misleading and unacceptable by Pakistan Army spokesperson. In an interview he publicly acknowledges that some NON STATE ACTORS are still at large and they are operating very actively from the soil of Pakistan. He said the same actors went to Indian and had killed the innocent people of Mumbai in 2008.

These Militant organizations are still working and we should counter them before any other incident happens.

Pakistan Army has taken a serious note of on Nawaz Sharif’s statement and suggested a top level military security body meeting so that they can assess the statement from all dimensions. In addition to this on the other hand Nawaz said he would continue speaking truth, even if he has to face the worst come consequences, he added that the world is not ready to believe or listen our narrative on terrorism.

He said I have asked a simple question and I need an answer to it.

Nawaz said Pakistan has sacrificed thousands of security personnel’s and many of them embraced martyrdom fighting against the terrorists. But the sword of DO MORE is still hanging on our necks.

Whatever we have done till date the world still does not trust us. This statement of Nawaz Sharif has given a new oxygen dose to American’s narrative. The same narrative of PTM, Afghani narrative, MQM last but not the least of Brahmdagh Bugti and FATF. Coming June FATF (Financial Action Task Force) is deciding or planning to BLACK LIST Pakistan. We are already in GREY List.

Now the timing of Nawaz Sharif statement has a vital role in making us Black List or not. A month before FATF makes a decision, why did Nawaz Sharif give this controversial statement in an interview, has he planned to do so. Does he want a chaos in the country? No if we are Black Listed, sanctions are imposed on Pakistan; just imagine what will be the scenario, who will get the benefit out of this?

Sanctions imposing will have adverse effect on Pakistan economy, rupee will devalue, stock market will shamble. Budget at its verge will have to be redesigned again keeping the sanctions in mind. The extra burden of elections will also be there which would be faced by the care taker government. On the other hand Indian would be yelling at its peak saying, “WE TOLD YOU SO” Pakistan is the root cause of all evils.

It is breeding terrorists. Indian Media lambasted Pakistan, that it was involved not only in the killing of 150 people in Mumbai attacks but also over 300 others in dozen of shootings and bombings in different areas of Hindustan. Finally country will go into economic and political chaos and anarchy, who WINS?

Nawaz Sharif or Modi Sarkar?

After the meeting on Monday, Nawaz has rejected the statement issued by NSC, terming it as “PAINFUL and REGRETTABLE”. He said the statement was not based on facts but on hypothecations. He has asked for making a national commission on the same to decide who committed treason and who had laid down the foundation of terrorism in the country. A decision should be made who is patriot and who is a traitor. Nawaz said Pakistan is not becoming isolated but it is already isolated. He asked tell me which country stands by with our country? No one….

After the meeting, comments coming from several senators fired Nawaz Sharif for his controversial statement. Some went to the extent that he should be trialed under article 6, some said he should be hanged under treason, some said he should be on ECL and should face all his corruption cases. They all demanded that he should first apologies to the nation and retract his statement. Senator Faisal Javed and Shibli Faraz of PTI have asked to put Nawaz Sharif’s name in ECL and an investigation should be launched into his sons business in India. Shibli added that even the lawmakers of PMLN also condemned the statement given by their supreme leader in private conversations and gatherings.

The political parties in Pakistan have not welcomed the controversial statement of Nawaz Sharif. The main opposition party as of now to Pakistan Muslim league if PTI, they have also expressed serious concerns. PTI VC, Qureshi has termed the statement as portray of frustration. He said every Pakistani feels hurt by Nawaz Statement. It’s an eye opener and also pro Indian declaration. Mumbai Attack was a self-made drama by India. Pakistan tried its best to follow up the trial but India as usual tactfully delayed the proceedings of the indecent hence vindicating the statement by former Prime minister.

After this political avalanche PMLN has isolated and also put itself in an unprecedented situation, creating pressure from inside and also from outside state actors. Now the situation will be like a break up or make up for PMLN. The coming elections would be very much uncertain and would have unexpected results. Media has to play a very important role especially the electronic media. They have to cater the statement in such a way that Pakistan does not lose its image and credibility. Wild allegations, over the top coverage and misrepresentation of statement have created frenzy in India, which the Pakistani media compelled to respond.

At the age of 68, Nawaz Sharif is roaming isolated in Pakistan where he made motorways, bridges and metro buses. No doubt after his statement Nawaz is an ALIEN in his own Country.

Yasir Imtiaz Awan
Ex Banker
Political Analyst

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