Nervous PMLN & Nervous Media in September


By Ahmad Jawad

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Not withstanding the pros & cons of announced Raiwind March, there is very interesting development: PMLN made a rare protest at KPK Assembly yesterday, Abid Sher Ali threatened with serious consequences, Tahir Ul Qadri made a surprise detachment from March.

Today, “THE NEWS” contributed 5 full fledged articles in one day to discourage Raiwind March. Articles authored by Talat Hussain, Mazhar Abbas, Tariq Butt, Bureau Report & a Report. This seems quite extraordinary for a Newspaper to have 5 full fledged articles all aiming to criticise or discourage Raiwind March. In my opinion, this is also an editorial blunder that a media group promote only one angle on a subject or have all columnist & reporters with similar thoughts of supporting one political party, opposing other political party & clearly losing the professional neutrality of journalism.

Is PML N really very nervous on Raiwind March?

Is Media especially “THE NEWS” has been tasked to aggressively run a campaign against the Raiwind March?

From the angle of political strategy, PTI must now hold Raiwind March after seeing the real nervousness of PMLN. There is something which is shaking PMLN & Pro PMLN journalist are aggressively opposing Raiwind March.

Sometimes in a political battle, you carry out an action just because the opponent is too nervous on that very action.

From PMLN perspective, their media advisers are too traditional to encounter such threats. Dharna was a complete failure of PML N advisers, Thanks to PTI who could not recognise & steal the moment when it arrived, otherwise PMLN advisers left no stone unturned to get PMLN destroyed. In that episode, Thanks to Raheel Sharif also who acted like a professional soldier.

Do we see a potential movie ” September of Lahore” like a movie ” Septembers of Shiraz” in the backdrop of Iranian revolution?

Keep your fingers crossed & keep watching nervousness of one segment.