It’s not Government but Private Matter.


By Ahmad Jawad

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Qatari Ambassador clarified that Letter from Qatari Prince is not a government matter but a private matter between Qatari Prince and Family of Mian Nawaz Sharif. This raises question when will Pakistani Ministers will confirm the same and if they confirm it, in that case, no minister or MNA of Government of Pakistan should speak a single word on a private matter between Qatari Prince and Sharif family. Most importantly, Panama Leaks is a private matter of Sharif family, what it has to do with federal ministers of Government. No Federal Minister should defend, advocate or even speak on a private matter of Sharif family.Opposition stance against the private matter of Sharif family is based on the reason that head of Sharif family is sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan. Their question is based on suspected misuse of authority as a Prime Minister to allow flow of billions of rupees to his family with no proven trail of money earned.

Our Government might like to learn from Qatari Ambassador whose Government wants to distance away from a private matter. When will our Government distance away from a private matter of Sharif family. Sharif family must defend their case at their own without an Army of Ministers representing their case outside Supreme Court and on talk shows every day.

Why nobody asking this question from honourable Ministers that in which capacity they defend or speak on behalf of Sharif family on a private matter.

Why this question is not being raised in courts? “Why Federal Ministers and MNAs of Government can spend their official time to defend Sharif family which actually is meant to serve public”. They were given Ministries to serve public and not the family members of Prime Minister. Is it not serious moral and legal question? If yes, why our media is silent on this?