Why we could not Preempt Indian SAARC Move? Will we fight with India with a limping Foreign Ministry & Silent Symbols of Leadership?


By Ahmad Jawad

Writer is Chief Visionary Officer of World’s First Smart Thinking Tank ” Beyond The Horizon” and most diverse professional of Pakistan. See writer’s profile at http://beyondthehorizon.com.pk/about/

Whether it is fake surgical strike or refusing to attend SAARC with Bangladesh & Afghanistan. Indian tricks are on the roll. When you have an enemy like Hitler or Modi or Doval, you don’t expect fair game. They are all out there to destroy their enemy not playing a fair game but playing dirty tricks & ruthless aggression. While facing such enemy, you need to have equal aggression, better preparedness & a strong leadership. Raheel Sharif is doing most of the roles in our war against Modi & Doval but most important wing of such warfare, Foreign Ministry, will continue to sleep either hoping a cover up either by Raheel Sharif or China. Question is ” why our Foreign Ministry could not preempt such move from India?What if Pakistan had announced cancellation of SAARC Summit even before India could embarrass us & make the claim of isolating Pakistan? I am repeatedly highlighting our policy of reactions in the ongoing war with India. We must learn to take action rather than reactions. One week we spent denying surgical strikes, my common sense does not explain me ” Is claiming Surgical Strike some kind of trophy or winning a match” that we are wasting our energy in the denial of Indian surgical strike. In war, claiming fake or exaggerated victories is a norm. Why couldn’t we bring a better video quality video of injured & dying Indian soldiers who crossed LoC to show the world & India about the reality of surgical strike? Escalation of situation is in our interest, to continue fake or other war tricks is in the interest of India. We must play on our pitch of advantages, rather than each time to play on their pitch.


Following are good actions from Pakistani Side:

1. Raheel Sharif appearance with soldiers at the front.

2. Highly spirited Wagha Border. CM KPK at the ceremony.

3. Hard hitting Address of Imran Khan at Raiwind.

4. Equal retaliation by Pak Army at borders.

5. Highlighting Indian intention over water aggression at national & International level.

Somebody must think ahead what would be next moves of India to preempt them. First step is to come out of deep sleep at symbols of leadership whether it is PM, President & Foreign Ministry. Will somebody think about a mega dam? If India failed to kill us, scarcity of water will surely kill us slowly. Perhaps some nations take slow death with pleasure & willingness.