Pakistan Maritime boundary – Pakistan’s 5th & largest province get even bigger by 50,000 Sq Km

Pakistan's sea boundary has gone beyond 200 nautical miles reaching to 350 nautical miles.

Pakistan Maritime boundaries has increased by 50,000 square kilometers getting complete access to the in-depth resources, Dunya News reported.

United Nations (UN) Maritime Commission completed its review on March 19 after which they accepted the claim of Pakistan regarding rise in territorial waters.

Pakistan’s sea boundary has gone beyond 200 nautical miles reaching to 350 nautical miles.

Pakistan’s present 240,000 square kilometers along with additional fifty thousand square kilometers have come under the administration of Continental Shelf Pakistan.


Article 76 of International Maritime Law permits the coastal countries to expand their continental shelf from 200 nautical miles.

However, coastal areas have to prove their case before UN Maritime Commission through technical statistics and content.

The project to enhance the maritime boundaries of Pakistan was started in 2005 by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and National Institute of Hydrography under the patronage of Ministry of Science and Technology whereas UN Commission approved the recommendations of Pakistan Continental Shelf after continuous analysis and research of one year.

The UN Maritime Commission is based on 21 experts of hydrography, geo-physics, geology and other relevant departments.

Pakistan also holds the honour to represent this organization as Pakistan Navy Commodore Muhammad Arshad is the member of this commission.