Pakistan’s ‘money making’ health sector


PIMS, a public hospital in Islamabad, had patients lying around in the corridors and no one bothered to cater to their needs. Kulsum International Hospital, on the other hand, is infamous for doctors not being punctual, especially when patients need them the most

Without question, Pakistan’s healthcare system, responsible for ensuring a healthy lifestyle for patients, is steadily plunging down the drain. Why, you ask? I recently had the misfortune of taking note of some awful incidents suffered by some of my close family friends at PIMS, Shifa, Kulsum and Mahroof International hospitals, all active in the capital city of Pakistan. It is tragic to bear witness to the heart wrenching fact that many doctors are purposefully experimenting and toying with human life when, in truth, it should be the other way around. Unfortunately, the mother of one of my friends passed away a few years ago on account of Shifa International Hospital’s incompetent and unprofessional doctors and staff members.

Although her mother managed to endure a minor stroke, her health gradually deteriorated after she was given the wrong medications and that too by medical ‘specialists’. This goes to show that our healthcare system inconspicuously gets away with thousands of such reprehensible cases. Furthermore, a class fellow of mine haphazardly unravelled the bitter truth about Mahroof, one of the leading hospitals in Islamabad. He wholeheartedly blamed the staff members for intentionally keeping patients in the hospital for a longer period of time to generate more money. How sick is that? If that is not the worst, read the next anecdote.

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