While PIA strives to improve on basic procedures. It is a challenge for any airlines in the world to carry Pakistani passengers & making them to follow rules, basic manners & procedures of a Air travel.


Reference article : The News ” PIA starts row-wise boarding”

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) started row-wise boarding on all its flights at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad airports to avoid congestion of passengers.

However, the row-wise boarding is not applicable for ATR flights as the aircraft is small in size and passengers can easily board the plan without overcrowding. In last May, PIA management had issued standard operating procedures according to which an announcement was first to be made for passengers with seats on 1 to 10 rows. They were to be boarded first and the announcement was to be made for the second batch of passengers later.

The decision was, however, implemented now on the directions of airline’s chief executive officer Bernd Hildenbrand. “Passengers are requested to cooperate with the management in this effort to organise the boarding process,” said a PIA’s statement.

Meanwhile, PIA management appointed Azim Abbas as head of Food Services Division after promoting him as general manager.  Hildenbrand directed the new GM to ensure that menus on PIA flights are regularly changed, keeping the public feedback and highest standards of taste and hygiene in view.

PIA CEO also asked GM to encourage innovation and improvisation in menus for both business and economy classes on domestic as well as international flights.  The food services unit was also directed to strengthen its mechanism for registering feedback from passengers to help decision making. Hildenbrand is laying special emphasis on revitalising the food services division of the airline.