Plant a shade tree during Corona. by Ahmad Jawad


List of shade trees in Pakistan. Plant these 10 trees during Corona to contribute towards life & environment. A shade tree is far better than decorative plants or seasonal flowers. A shade tree gives shade, oxygen & help environment with cooling effect for decades.

1) Arjan Tree 

Local name Arjan tree. scientific name terminalia arjuna tree. This is a shade tree that is planted in full sun. tropical and subtropical climate required.

2) sukh chain

Sukh Chaine tree or scientific name: pongamia pinnata tree. It can not survive in snow areas and highly drought areas.

3) Pilkan or scientific name Ficus Virens.

4) Amaltas Tree or Cassia Fisula tree. Shadow and Flowering tree. also known as Shower Tree.

5) Neem tree The only tree that produces oxygen 24 hours. Scientific na

6) Bakain Tree. Gummi tree. Dharaik tree. scientific name
Azadirachta Indica tree. -14 degree to 48 degree celcious temprature tolerant. drought and frost tolerant.

7) Moringa tree also known as sohanjna tree. very very rich source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. leaves, flower and roots powder of moringa is used as multivitamins and for helath energey. its powder is used at comercial level in all over the world. -1 degree to 48 degree temprature tolerant.

8) Alstonia tree. . -1 degree to 48 degree temprature tolerant.

9) Java Plum or comonly known as Jaman is a fruit tree and also used for shade.

10) Cono Carpus is a very fast growing shade tree. this plant can grow in deserts.