Protecting Consumer Rights in Pakistan!


Do we know what are the consumer rights of a citizen according to the constitution?

The best thing we often find as a good example is the system of the western world, where the consumer rights are equally protected. You may spend decade in these countries and hardly face any fraud, misleading statement/advertising or higher prices. The result is that the consumer is satisfied more than anything. Their system is based on justice and equality.

In countries like Pakistan, we have two way problem, first implementation and then the informed decision of the public. Most of our common users are not aware of their rights as the consumer, if they find any problem, they don’t know where to go and get their issues resolved. This article will give you a clear direction to move in the future in case of any complaint against any misdeed of the seller on quality, services, prices or misleading advertising.

Did we ever attempt to exercise our consumer right?

In the modern era we are ready to buy very costly gadgets to move ahead in the challenges of the time. In spite of the multinational brands, we worry for the fact that these gadgets may turn out as faulty any time and our hard earn money may waste. So, this is the hard fact that, while being ignorant of our rights as consumer, we don’t know how to act and protect our rights. Then another thing which is very important is the documentation of our purchase (recipient) which we often do not care and through away at any place. We often think that the gadget we have purchased is of good quality and we will not face any problem in the future. Most of the time we are told by the seller that this item has one year or two year warranty. But when we face any problem in that Mobile, computer or any type of equipment, we suddenly remember the warranty card…..but often there are good chances that you have lost that card any way.

In another case we might have everything like mobile warranty card, the purchasing receipt and other documents and we claim the warranty. The shop keeper simply looks at the mobile and after checking for some time he may explain that we are not able to replace it as this type of fault is out of our warranty scope ( like the moisture in the mobile). This situation gives you a very bad feeling and you think that you might have lost everything. That might be the hardest time when we curse ourselves and blame the whole damage for such action.

Hold a minute, you still have lost nothing

Which are the authorities responsible for consumer rights?

You have the chance to submit an application in Punjab Consumer Protection Council (PCPC).

Simply go the CPCP in your area; these councils were established under consumer protection act 2005. Since then they have resolved hundreds of cases up till know. Other than normal cases, a doctor have to pay for his negligence to a person a heavy punishment of 0.5 million.

Ph: # (+92)(42)5857927
FAX: # (+92)(42)5855062

What is the procedure to exercise our consumer rights and how to lodge a complaint?

First of all, always keep the original receipt and warrantee card with you.

First try to solve the problem and give a 15 day notice to the seller to solve the problem otherwise you will lodge a complaint against the seller. After 15 days period, write an application on a plane paper with your name, contact No., address and the complaint. Attached the Notice, Warrantee card and purchasing receipt with the application and send it to your nearest district consumer council.

The council comprising of the representatives and district administration will assess the complaint and send a notice to the seller through the DPO. You will not have to pay anything for this processing. If the seller satisfied the council that he was right to reject the warranty (or any other issue) then the complaint will be disposed off in his favor. However, if he can’t satisfy the council, the council asks you what you want? A new mobile or money. On your choice, the council will ask the seller to do accordingly. However, if the seller disagrees with the decision, then the case will be transferred to the court.

The council representative will support the consumer in the court and police will bring the culprit to the court where he will have to pay all the dues and lawyer fee himself. On the other hand consumer will not have to pay anything but to wait the decision.

This process may be long but at least you have the right to lodge a complaint against the seller at any place.
Are there any examples of successful claiming of consumer rights in Pakistan?

We have seen that in case of Ufone, last week a person has lodged complain of cheating the consumer for the cheapest call of the world which was not true any way. On what PCPC took the notice and the case is underway now. Similarly if all consumers are able to know their rights they will never be cheated through the ads like “Yeh tu Dunia ki sub say susti call hay”.

Dear readers, the aim of this article was to give you a direction if you have any problem with this type of situation mobile or any other dealing, remember that you can register complain against any one at this forum when you are a consumer and you are not satisfied with the services or product you have purchased.

You can also lodge complaints in Consumer council for the following services and products.

Low quality of products

Over charging then normal rates

Misleading statement of the shop keeper

Warranty issue

Misleading advertising

Unsatisfied services of Lawyer, Doctor, mason or any contractor

Water, Phone, Gas services

So, this will give you a good chance to teach the lesson of wrong doing of any firm or individual in the future.

You can also ask the firm to pay for your mental and physical trouble. Now this is your responsibility to protect your right as a consumer. Even if a mobile company over charge or deducts any undue charges, just write an application.

Please contact the following address and Phone and Fax for more details about your nearest consumer council

Ph: # (+92)(42)5857927
FAX: # (+92)(42)5855062


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